Example of the Guided Imitation Approach

Tutor Stimulus Student Response
Ich sehe den grossen Mann. Ich sehe den grossen Mann.
Frau Ich sehe die grosse Frau.
laut Ich sehe die laute Frau.
ein Ich sehe eine laute Frau.
hören Ich höre eine laute Frau.
Er Er hört eine laute Frau.

English Translation
Tutor Stimulus Student Response
I see the tall man.                I see the tall man.
woman I see the tall woman.
loud I see the loud woman.
a I see a loud woman.
hear I hear a loud woman.
He He hears a loud woman.

To accomplish this drill, the student must understand subjects, objects, adjectives, adjective endings, definite and indefinite articles, verbs, conjugations, the accusative case, and vocabulary. Keep in mind that the drill is performed verbally and in real-time; it is only possible to do this drill while thinking in German. After completing set 1, unit 2, the student will be able to master this drill.


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