Mastering French Conversation

Example of the Guided Imitation Approach

Tutor Stimulus Student Response
Je vais au café aujourd'hui. Je vais au café aujourd'hui.
demain Je vais au café demain.
en Espagne Je vais en Espagne demain.
Sophie Sophie va en Espagne demain.

English Translation

Tutor Stimulus Student Response
I am going to the café today.      I am going to the café today.
tomorrow I am going to the café tomorrow.
to Spain I am going to Spain tomorrow.
Sophie Sophie is going to Spain tomorrow.

To accomplish this drill, the student must understand subjects, objects, verbs and conjugations. Keep in mind that the drill is performed verbally and in real-time; it is only possible to do this drill when thinking in French. In this way, the student is trained to think in the new language.


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